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Missions & Games

Having the capability to manipulate various aspects of the game, allows for us to tailor make the games to what our clients desire on an individualized basis. Most beginners prefer a game type that simply allows them to run around and enjoy the game. Somewhat experienced gamers start to appreciate the team tactics of the game, and will begin to desire more 'objective'-based combat scenarios. Our well-seasoned gamers seem to enjoy the more mentally intense missions, using all available equipment, such as the 2-way radios and the binoculars. Stealth missions are very enjoyable; however much slower in its realization of action packed missions.

Here is a small sample of our popular Missions:

Mission: Conquest

A straight-out elimination type mission. No bases or special objectives. The goal is to eliminate all enemy players.

Mission: Base Assault

Base Assault
One team must assault and capture the base, while the other team must defend the base. The team member who is closest to the base gives his team control of the base.

The objective is for the Assault Team to be in control of the base after a set amount of time. Defense team must prevent the Assault Team from gaining control of the base. If the Defense Team loses control of the base, they must try to retake it. The team in control of the base at the end of the mission has won.

This mission uses the medic rule. The medic rule allows players with one hit point left to be healed (given additional hit points). Players with more then one hit point can not be given additional hit points until they reach one left. The medic may have a limit on how many he can add to players.

Mission: Escort

The Escort Team is trying to safely transport some VIP person or equipment from one base to another; they must ensure the VIP person or equipment's safe arrival at its destination. The Opposing Team is trying to take the VIP person or equipment from the Escort Team. They must capture the VIP person or equipment, and take it to their own base.

The escort can also be done using our John Deere gator in a convey mission. We bring the gator to all off site locations.

Mission: Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag
Try to slip behind the other team's lines and attack your opponent's base camp, capture your opponent's flag and return it safely to your own base, all the time coming under the other team's fire, preparing for counter attacks, and protecting your own flag, base and your own team members.

Mission: Air Drop

Air Drop
Hidden in an unknown location is an airdrop containing supplies essential to your ensuing missions: 2-way radios, a stretcher, maps and defensive equipment, to name a few. Your team will compete against the enemy to find the airdrop and retrieve those supplies. You must seek out and eliminate the enemy to stand a chance of getting to the supplies without losing all your lives.